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Book Lists

Staff Culture

Sacred Pathways – Gary Thomas
Strength Finders – Tom Rath
Good to Great – James Collins
Creating a Missional Culture – J.R. Woodward
The Permanent Revolution – Alan Hirsch and Tim Catchim
The Starfish and the Spider – Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom
Starfish and the Spirit – Lance Ford and Rob Wenger
Start with Why – Simon Sinek
5Q – Alan Hirsch
Leadership Durability- Luke Thomas


Untamed – Alan and Deb Hirsch
The Forgotten Ways – Alan Hirsch
Shaping of Things to Come – Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost
ReJesus – Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost
Incarnate – Michael Frost
Jesus the Fool – Michael Frost
Keep Christianity Weird – Michael Frost
To Alter Your World – Michael Frost
Surprised by Hope – Michael Frost
Road to Missional – Michael Frost
Incarnate – Michael Frost
Exiles – Michael Frost
Happy Hour – Hugh Halter
And – Hugh Halter
Flesh – Hugh Halter
The Tangible Kingdom – Hugh Halter
Brimstone – Hugh Halter
Sentness – Darren Crenshaw and Kim Hammond
Seek the Peace – Doug Bannister (free eBook)
Postiviely Irritating – Jon Ritner
Kingdom Contours – Monica and Jeremy Chambers
Missional – Roxburgh
Introducing the Missional Church – Roxburgh and Boren
Transforming Mission – David Bosch
The Kingdom Unleashed – Jerry Trousdale
Contagious Disciple-Making – David Watson
They Found the Secret, Raymond Edman
Evangelism as Exiles- Elliot Clark
Messy Spirituality- Michael Yaconelli

Community Development

The New Parish – Dwight J. Friesen, Paul Sparks, and Tim Soerens
The Abundant Community – John G. McKnight and Peter Block
The Art of Neighboring – Dave Runyon and Jay Pathak
Toxic Charity – Bob Lupton
Awakening of Hope – Wilson-Hartgrove


The Church as Movement – Woodward and White
A Church Called Tov – Mckight and Barringer
Microchurches – Brian Sanders
The Coming Revolution in Church Economics – DeMayz and Li
Building a Discipling Culutre – Mike Breen
Launching Missional Communites – Mike Breen
The Underground Church – Brian Sanders
The Starfish and the Spirit – Rob Wegner and Lance Ford
From Megachurch to Multiplication – Chris Galanos
Spent Matches – Roy Moran
Letters to the Church- Francis Chan


New Power – Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms
Church Refugees – Josh Packard
Redeeming Sex – Deb Hirsch
Alientanted America – Timothy Carney
The Church of Us Vs. Them – Fitch
Generous Spaciousness – VanderWal-Gritter
The Culture Map – Erin Meyer